Sue Your Creditors for $1,000s!

Suing in Small Claims Court is often called the “Poor Man’s Lawsuit”.

You know the old sayings, “money talks” and “vote with your dollars”. Well, most companies (the credit bureaus and creditors included), are not going to change their ways unless it is in their best interest to do so. All of these companies have stockholders to report to, so if one of their practices is costing them a better bottom line, you better believe they will act to change their ways. One of these ways is for you the consumer, to take action legally against these companies when your rights have been violated.

Profit While Helping Others

The best news is that typically, each violation can be a $1,000 fine, so it’s money in your pocket. In addition, you are going to help make someone else’s life better by suing someone who has broken the law. If everyone took action when their rights were violated, the credit bureaus would lose a fortune in legal disputes. It’s time to protect your rights as a consumer as well as protecting the rights of your fellow United States citizens.

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